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In one last attempt to bring back a forgotten videogame from his childhood, a mysterious Wizard resorts to a forbidden ritual.
You are taken away from your eternal slumber, a ghost trapped inside an Arena Shooter reconstructed from the mage's memories.

The undead will be his playerbase, unwillingly impersonating ancient 90s shooters archetypes, bound to frag one other for as long as the Wizard commands.

But the recklessness with which the magic ritual was conducted will soon start to show its consequences, both in the Arena and in the real world...

  • Shoot your way out of the decaying reality you’ve been tossed into
    Switch between an array of deadly weapons, each one better fit to a
    different scenario

  • Friends or foes
    Survive the arena by playing solo in frantic deathmatches, or team up with other ghosts in the classic modes of King Of The Hill and Capture The Flag!
  • Make your choices
    you’ll encounter a full cast of characters  throughout your journey: unlock additional paths, discover new items, or win the favor of others.

  • Explore  the remnants of forgotten websites and abandoned maps
    Find secret passages, unlock cheat codes and figure out what the outside world has been up to while you were away.

  • Mothership Loudspeakerz: art, story, programming
  • HAARP: programming, story
  • Zalseon: story, dialogues
  • Just_Matt: additional writing
  • AliCatGamer, BoldKingCole, Jason Moore, VoicesByCorey: voice acting

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This game is a work of art, respect to dev for thinking up so much nostalgia fuel into one game. 👍 

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Game can't be installed from the itch app. Might partly explain why your other game had so many more downloads.